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Showcase Team

High School Players looking to play at the Collegiate Level 

"Developing the next generation of Student Athletes" 

College Consulting

We will explore realistic school options for our players. Academic scholarships vs athletic scholarships, climate, big/small school, majors and internship possibilities. 

Strength Training

All players will be getting a baseball focused strength program. We are in the works of getting a strength coach where players will lift as a group,  Strength is one of the most important training skills we need to work on to make an impact at the next level


We will be attending showcases in the north east, plus college camps on campus, where we can meet the coaching staff and play in front of them. We will also get a feel of the surrounding town and campus as you will be free to explore.


Along with strength and baseball practice, conditioning is extremely important to build stamina, and explosive quickness.  We will be having conditioning workouts in our practices.

Team Practices 

Practice, practice, practice. We will be having Team Practices working on game situations and running showcase style workouts to prepare to play in front of scouts. Our practices will run exactly how a winning collegiate program will run.  As a former collegiate player and coach, everything we do will prepare for the next level.


The term is Student Athlete.  Academics are everything to us and should be for you.  The better you do in school, the more windows of opportunity come. Included in the package for all players will be tutoring classes for NYS Regents, and SAT Prep

Fall 2023 

Price TBD

Uniform package sold separately 

Commitment, A+ Attitudes and being Coached is what we are looking for

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