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Who we Are


Pro Diamond Baseball is an independent baseball and softball training/coaching service.   We offer private individual lessons, group lessons and help run your teams practices!  We are  focused on teaching the fundamentals of the game along with the advance skills necessary for success. Using experiences from our professional and collegiate careers, we can target the unique needs of the player and develop them by creating a fun environment.


Each player will gain confidence, set goals, communicate, and learn the importance of hard work. These traits along with training skills are critical for the development of youth and high school players. Most importantly, they are life skills that will be carried everyday.  


Baseball has given us the opportunity to be  leaders, communicate with peers, learn positive work ethic and allow the opportunity for a higher education.  These valuable, key elements are what define the Pro Diamond Baseball team and what we express to our players everyday

... as it is more than just a game!

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